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If his fraternity brothers could see Robert's heart, they'd know that he would never let these men down.

The hard-partying frat boys, licking the salt from their fists and chugging down tequila shots beside him, were just enjoying the next stage of life: getting shit-faced on a Friday night, clubbing till dawn, then waking up in the afternoon beside some pretty girl they'd swear they'd never seen before.

It was the next stage for Robert too and he loved it--maybe even more than they did--because he'd had a detour. To get to oblivion now, he had to learn to leave something else behind, not to dwell on something. For Robert, it wasn't just oblivion, it was... Full Excerpt>>

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Nobody had predicted it. No one had ever seen a season like this. Tropical storms were building to hurricane strength over colder waters, in the face of heavier wind shears, than anyone thought possible; 2005 rewrote the books. It was the worst hurricane season in history.

Cold water was supposed to kill a hurricane. Instead, it gave birth to three of the most intense hurricanes ever recorded. At first, the National Hurricane Centre didn't even name some of them, because they defied belief.

People said, "Yeah, it's been bad. But it's a fluke. It can't get any worse than this!"  And then it did.  Full Excerpt>>


Nicole was a high-powered consultant, able to walk into any office from LA to Brussels, find the problem, fix it, and walk out again for a handsome remuneration.

So it was odd that she couldn’t seem to remember who these people were or what she might have been saying that, judging by the state of the conference table, had given them time to go through numerous cups of coffee and almost 20 pages of her prospectus.

Her mind sprinted to catch up. If this was the Willis Building, these were probably Boyd & Hastings execs. She’d evaluated their reports last week and set up a meeting to discuss her findings. Was this that meeting?  Full Excerpt>>

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As remarkable as it seems, equality in America--for special needs children and adults--has only existed for 20 years. When the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibited discrimination,  people with disabilities were left out.

My grandmother was one of them. A shooting in Chicago had paralyzed her from the waist down. At 28-years old she was confined to a hospital bed for 7 years--because of sheer logistics! We only had one family friend strong enough to lift the massive steel wheelchair. 

Public buildings were completely inhospitable to people with disabilities. Even if they could have gotten through the front doors every aisle, bathroom, and elevator would have been inaccessible. Full Excerpt>>


New York Times Bestseller

We’re told that our medical records are confidential, shared only when we give specific permission.

The truth is that any federal agent, copy or prosecutor who can convince a judge he has legitimate reason can walk into your pharmacy and have them print out all of your prescriptions and the date of every refill.

We're told that the records kept on us by government agents are safe ... but in my day, getting any information I wanted was a pushover—Social Security numbers, dates and places of birth, mother’s maiden names, disability benefits, wages…. WIRED Excerpt>>